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2:45pm on Friday, 2nd October, 2015:

Non Sequitur


We had a staff meeting this morning. Mid-way through, a guy appeared from Sports Science to give us a 15-minute talk about Performance Sport. At the end, he asked if we had any questions. None of us did.

Actually, pretty well all of us did. Furthermore, it was the same question: "What was that about?!". It was a complete non sequitur embedded in the middle of the meeting for no obvious reason. If it hadn't been on the agenda, I'd have thought he'd walked into the wrong room and given a talk meant for prospective students. None of us were going to ask him anything, though, because that would have made the staff meeting 5 minutes longer (that is, interminable plus 5 minutes).

He seemed quite upbeat, but quite what he thought he was going to achieve talking to a bunch of computer scientists is anyone's guess.

Maybe if he'd talked about esports instead of Volleyball, Basketball and Rugby sevens, it might have been more relevant.

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