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1:08pm on Sunday, 1st November, 2015:



Because it was Hallowe'en last night (no, I'm not dropping the apostrophe), I thought I'd play Funcom's The Park in lieu of not wanting to get back into The Secret World. They're set in the same universe, presumably so that Funcom could re-use TSW's assets.

I knew it was one of those not-really-a-game storytelling exercises along the lines of Dear Esther, but as I've never spent more than a minute in any of them I decided I should bite the bullet and play one all the way through.

Yes. Well. I won't be doing that again. It's like watching a movie with a broken projector that you have to operate by cranking a handle before it picks up for a few minutes then it's back to cranking the handle again.

The story itself was so-so; I guessed pretty well where it was going from the outset. The first extended automatic scene laid out the theme of the plot, and it was then merely a case of seeing how it would be executed. As for how it was executed, well they did that very well, perhaps the pacing towards the end got a little too repetitive but it was still pretty good.

I liked the occasional links to the Secret World, although it's a bad idea to give players of The Park actual, desirable-for-gameplay-reasons TSW items as a reward for purchasing it. That way lies pay-to-win.

The Park was worth a look, but I think in future I'll stick to playing games rather than playing machinima.

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