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5:06pm on Friday, 1st May, 2015:



I had a visitor (Przemyslaw Polanski) from another university today, just here to chat with me and a couple of other lecturers. I didn't know him beforehand, he just showed up to talk about games, AI and the law.

It was actually quite a good discussion. I now know more about what he does than I know what some of my own colleagues do. Given how few people show up at seminars in our department, I'm wondering if instead of coming to speak to a group of people at a time inconvenient to all, it might instead be an idea to make appointments to speak to individual lecturers in their offices. It'd be far more productive than listening to a talk that I might as well read as a paper anyway.

I'd suggest doing the same for meeting staff in other departments, but that would require having some idea of those other staff's research interests might be. I've learned the hard way that when they say they're interested in games, they tend actually to be interested in "games".

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