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5:36pm on Sunday, 1st February, 2015:



I went to London today (despite the best efforts of the rail operators, who chose today as the starting date for their close-the-line-t0-London-every-Sunday-for-two-months maintenance) to meet my friend Eric Goldberg. As he has two young daughters, he was under instructions to go to Hamleys and buy them some Stuff. As I like Hamley's and haven't been there for ages, I went along with him.

This lego rendition of the Royal Wedding was on display (it looks better in real life than in the photo):

I would so go to a Lego version of Madame Tussaud's! They can't look less realistic than the waxworks they have at the moment, and they'll make a nice stopgap until 3D printing takes over and we can all make our own.

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