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4:35pm on Saturday, 29th March, 2014:

Historical Document


While going through my stuff to find where to put it in my newly-refurbished home office, I came across this gem from 1996: the Meridian 59 launch press release. Interesting historical points include the fact that MMOs were called "graphical MUDs" back then, and the word "Internet" was capitalised (I still capitalise it, as it's a proper noun, but most people don't). This was a time when you could bundle an Internet browser with a game to the benefit of both, and when 35 web sites associated with the game really was a proud boast. The feeble-looking-now hardware specification was actually quite high for 1996, though, which is one reason why M59 wasn't as fast-growing as might have been hoped.

Ah, Happy Puppy, those were the days...

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