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3:30pm on Wednesday, 28th May, 2014:



Having done the test drives and beaten down the prices, we've decided to go with the Ford Focus rather than the Volkswagon Golf. The Audi dealer never got back to us, so we extrapolated their incompetence in sales to their manufacturing.

The Golf was the better car, but it wasn't the better deal. We could get a Focus Titanium for over £2,000 less than the Golf SE, and it comes with an integral satnav (which the SE doesn't). The SE may be the better car, but it's not 15% better than the Titanium Navigator.

The only downside was that we didn't get to choose the colour of the Focus as it was one in stock (part of the reason it was cheaper): we could have white, midnight blue or silver. We had a white car once before: it was only ever white for about a half a day after it was washed. My wife ruled out midnight blue, on the grounds that if we drove it at night people wouldn't see it; I didn't like the shade anyway. That left silver, which was acceptable.

We were told to expect it around the 31st, but as that's a Sunday and I'll be trapped at the University on the Monday, I suspect it'll have to wait until the Tuesday.

Good, the slow puncture in our current car's back tyre should hold until then.

[Edit: Just a moment! The 31st is a Saturday!]

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