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2:52pm on Saturday, 27th September, 2014:

Time Travel


Saturday night is raid night for me in The Secret World. The raid time always used to be 8pm, which was fine: it didn't clash with anything. However, the new season of Dr Who premiered at 7:50pm. That was a clash, and one that Dr Who will always win. However, I do actually like taking part in The Secret World's raid, so this was annoying.

Fortunately, after missing a couple of weeks because of this, the time of the Saturday raid in TSW was put back an hour. This brought it into line with the Tuesday raid, which has always been at 9pm. Great! I can raid again!

Tonight's episode of Dr Who has been moved to 8:30pm.


Dr Who is a child-friendly show! Children are supposed to be watching it. 8:30pm on a Saturday night is not when childrens' shows should be broadcast. What do the BBC think they're playing at?!

Well at 7pm on BBC1 is Strictly Come Dancing. This is 90 minutes long, so that people who have watched it for an hour will be reluctant to switch channels and miss the final third; this is to spoil the 8pm start of The X Factor on ITV. Because of that, Dr Who straddles both the new raiding time and the old one.


I could record Dr Who and watch it later, of course, but then I'd have to find such a "later" when my wife wasn't watching something else...

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