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12:02pm on Saturday, 25th October, 2014:

Scanning Error


In Sainsbury's today, I was trying to use the hand-scanner to scan a pack of mince and it wouldn't scan. I tried it on a bunch more and it didn't scan any of them. It worked on other stuff, just not the mince.

While I was trying it, a woman — I'd guess she was in her late 30s — who was also getting some mince (a different size, so hers scanned) asked me "are you having trouble there?". She used that particular tone of voice people use when talking to old people who are confused by new technology.

OK, she meant well, so I just explained that none of the packs I'd tried were scanning and so the code probably wasn't in the database, and we went our separate ways. However, it's really the first indication I've had that not only am I starting to get old, I'm starting to look old, too. My future of being patronised starts here.

I wouldn't care, but personally I don't think I look much older than my dad.

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