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2:11pm on Tuesday, 25th February, 2014:



Attempts over the years by various authors to connect my player types theory to existing theories of personality have always come to nothing, mainly because player types are to do with identity, not personality: they're about what players find fun, which (unlike personality) changes in predictable ways over time.

That isn't to say you can't link other aspects of MMOs to personality, though.

In The Secret World, one of the regular members of the raid group I'm in plays under the name Heinrich. He used to be there every week, reliable as clockwork, but earlier this year announced he was going to stop playing for awhile. He lives in Ukraine and was a supporter of the protest movement there. He felt he couldn't sit idly by an watch events unfold, he had to go on the streets and be counted.

I've no idea if he made it through the upheaval, although of course I hope he did. The point, though, is that in the raid he was our main tank.

That's what I mean about other aspects of MMOs linking to personality. If you're a tank, you're a tank...

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