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10:57am on Sunday, 21st December, 2014:



I'm writing stuff on next year's calendar, in order to find what awkward one-day must-attend events the university has sprinkled throughout the summer to disrupt my vacation and consultancy plans. The university uses a week-based system, so it's helpful if I mark the week numbers on my calendar. Now I can work this out from the current week number (12), but it's useful to have a list of week numbers so I can check I haven't gone wrong.

To the Essex University web site!

If I type timetable in as my search query, the first result out of the 1,087 it finds is a draft autumn 2012 timetable for the Dept. of Language and Linguistics module on Elementary Spanish. The next page or so are along similar lines.

To find what I want to find, I have to click on STAFF at the top then Academic and timetable info in a side bar, then expansion, then Timetabling and room bookings in the expansion, then University week structures in the main window, then University week structures 2014-15 (.docx) in the new page that appears.

This is what happens when you build a web site entirely around the proposition that the only people who will use it are prospective students.

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