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1:24pm on Thursday, 20th March, 2014:



This is room 4SB.5.3, as it was just before 8am this morning:

It looked as if someone had cleared all the desks to the edges for some kind of performance art. Whatever, I had a class at 9am to I had to put a few desks out. I didn't put out many because, this being CE217, I didn't attend great attendance. As it was, one (1) student was there at 9am, and he hadn't slept the night before. I gave the talk part of the class from slides, as intended (he was listening while coding on his laptop), but when it came to the "go through these reviews you wrote last term and say whether you liked them, then we'll compare what you all think" part I had to call it: I needed maybe three or four students, minimum, to make it worthwhile. Shortly after I called it (ie. 25 minutes after the class started) another student came in. I don't know if any more came in after that as I left at 9:30.

Normally, I'd wonder if the fact the second-years had 4 assignments due in today might have affected attendance. However, as most of them show up only sporadically anyway, I don't think this was a big factor.

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