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1:12pm on Saturday, 19th April, 2014:

Amsterdam Pics


I took some photos when I was in Amsterdam last Sunday, and have now got around to taking them off my phone. Here are some of the non-touristy ones...

This is the bicycle park outside Amstel railway station:

Given that it was a Sunday afternoon, I suspect that people use it as a place to store their bikes, not merely a place to put them until their return from a train journey.

I've been to Amsterdam many times over the past 30 years, and on every previous occasion Damrak (the main drag from the station) has been undergoing some kind of construction work.

This occasion was no different.

I saw several of these cars while I was there:

They're shorter than my own car is wide.

I have a bunch of KLM houses from when I used to travel to Singapore via KLM in the 1990s. They're now antiques:

Sadly, I don't know which ones I have or I might have got one for my wife as a present — she seems to like them.

This is a neat idea:

Bollards as single-person seats.

Finally, here's a sign for the lavatories on platform 2 of the main station:

I only show you this because the gents has a floor area roughly the same as the surface area of the sign.

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