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5:53pm on Monday, 17th March, 2014:

Project Open Day


Today was the day when final-year students demonstrated their final-year projects to lecturers, visitors, fellows students and one another. I looked at all the ones with "game" in their title, plus the ones I was supervisor for or second assessor for, which came to about 30 all told. Some were surprisingly good; others were unsurprisingly good; few were oh-dear-oh-dear — far fewer than in recent years. We must be getting better at supervision.

I had a chance to nominate three students for the "best project" category. I only looked at games projects, so they were all games-related. To win a prize, the student has to be good at presenting their project (because they'll be invited to do so at a later event), so I didn't nominate anyone who didn't present very well at the open day.

Being the restrained and fair person I am, of the three projects I nominated I only supervised one of them. I don't suppose any of them will make the cut (because non-games people can't tell how much work is done by the student and how much by Unity or whatever), but hey, I thought they were good. I just wish I'd been able to nominate 6 instead of only 3.

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