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8:03pm on Tuesday, 16th December, 2014:

Saved by the Bell


I went to the Cass Business School in London this afternoon to attend a half-day conference on New Economic Models and Opportunities for digital Games (NEMOG). I normally only go to these things when I'm speaking, but NEMOG has connections with the IGGI doctoral training centre so I thought I'd show up to listen to what the person in charge of both had to say.

Well, he was ill so he didn't travel down from York. However, there were three other people I wanted to hear speak, all of whom I'd heard speak less than two weeks ago at the Osborne Clarke event. One of them spoke for an hour, which was actually good stuff. One of them left before speaking (because the BBC wanted to speak to her). I left before the other spoke. Well, it's raid night in The Secret World...

The part from actual NEMOG speakers was unfortunately rather boring. One was studying something that has changed since he started studying it; one is trying to change something monolithic; one is trying to do data analytic things that the games industry has been doing for ten years or more. Fortunately, there was a fire alarm test in the middle of their presentations, so I was able to stay awake.

I wish I were joking...

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