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9:28pm on Wednesday, 10th December, 2014:



I've just got back from speaking at Colchester's Café Scientifique. This is a monthlyish event in which speakers (usually from the University) come and give a 30-minute talk about something the general public will (it's to be hoped) find interesting. My talk was on games as story-creation machines, based on a seminar I gave at Lincoln University in 2013.

The talk went well, but the best part was the discussion afterwards. This lasted an hour, and could have gone on for much longer if the café (it is actually held in a café) hadn't had to shut. I was once given a book called Mathematics for the Intelligent Non-Mathematician, and the audience I was speaking to was comprised of intelligent non-gamers. This meant I was asked a lot of woods-rather-than-trees questions that I'm not usually asked, so the discussion was quite beneficial (at least it was for me; I can't speak for the audience!).

It was fun, anyway. I may speak there again some time, or even go as an audience member if there's a talk on that looks to be interesting.
It's like a Radio 4 factual programme without the Oxbridge smugness and with the ability to ask questions.

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