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5:29pm on Monday, 9th June, 2014:

Empty Car


I'm finally picking up our new car tomorrow, only 10 days after I was supposed to pick it up. It turns out that if you want to take advantage of the "£1,000 off the price if you take out an installment plan that you pay off after a month" offer, they need to run a credit check. That takes two weeks. That's what I think has happened, anyway — they haven't actually explained anything.

Anyway, as I'm part-exchanging my current car, this means I have to clean it out so that when I hand it over it doesn't have any of my stuff in it. Some of it I wouldn't care about, such as out-of-date maps of Colchester, but others I might. In particular, I don't want to lose the air compressor and the remote control for the garage.

I also have to persuade my wife to delve deep into her handbag and retrieve the spare car keys that are rumoured to be buried there.

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