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3:06pm on Sunday, 6th April, 2014:

I'm Awake!


My younger daughter lost her mobile phone yesterday, which in her terms is the equivalent of Thor losing his hammer or Samson losing his hair. She borrowed someone else's phone so she could text us the news, as we were going to pick her up this morning. As all her phone numbers were in her phone, she texted our landline phones, confident that BT's text-to-speech system would convert them into something intelligible.

It did, too. Unfortunately, it chose 4am to do so. Both our landline phones went off at the same time.

I never did get back to sleep properly, and found myself arguing with a dream that was making no attempt to be realistic (my phone does not turn into a reporter's notepad when I get back the results of a Google search, the dream was clearly having a laugh at my expense).

I'm sure the fact that the Galaxy S5 has just come out has nothing to do with my daughter's losing her phone.

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