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8:33am on Friday, 5th December, 2014:

Unoriginal Originality


I was at the annual half-day of games talks at law firm Osborne Clarke yesterday. As usual, it was both informative and great for meeting people. Chatham House rules were in force so I can't give specifics, but I did find this amusing:

Person at the mic: Just to show my credentials, I'm wearing my Space Invaders cufflinks.
Famous game developer sitting next to me: (whispered) I have my Pac Man cufflinks on.
Me: (whispered) Mine are Tetris.

I have about a dozen game-related pairs of cufflinks (including two types for Space Invaders, two types for Pac Man and two types for Tetris) , but it looks as if there's a definite niche market for more among shirt-wearing game designers.

Also, as a purely general observation, current MPs who are shadow ministers for business, innovation and skills are refreshingly positive about computer games.

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