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11:51am on Friday, 4th July, 2014:



I picked up my module feedback forms today. At Essex University, our students get to write anonymous comments about the lectures and lecturers, so this is where I get to find out what they really think.

For CE217 it seems they liked the lectures but not the 9am starts. The 9am lectures worked in my favour, then: if they hadn't had those to complain about, they might have complained about something else instead over which I had actual control.

Interestingly, they get to check a box saying how many lectures they attended. The results from the 16 students who filled in the form are:
100% 2
>80% 6
>60% 6
>40% 1
<40% 1
I think some of them may be over-estimating their commitment there...

Yes, the fact that it's > and not >= annoys me, too.?

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