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1:26pm on Tuesday, 4th March, 2014:

Long John Sliver


One of the many useless rewards you get in The Secret World for killing Flappy (formally, the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen — so called presumably because there is zero point to killing it) is a bunch of Third Age Silvers. Everyone calls them Third Age Silvers, or Silvers for short.

Hmm, well actually when I say "everyone", I mean "most players for whom English is their first language". See, the game itself refers to these things (which are basically a form of currency) as Third Age Slivers. That's Slivers, not Silvers. Out of some kind of unspoken agreement that it really ought to be Silvers, though, that's what first-language English speakers call them. I'm pretty sure that most of them think the things actually are called Silvers, come to that. Foreign-language players occasionally ask why people call them Silvers instead of Slivers, and never get an answer — I guess because it looks as if they're asking why Silvers are called Silvers.

I'm sure there's an academic paper in this somewhere...

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