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1:29pm on Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014:

Office Hour


New legislation by the high-ups at Essex University require me to have an office hour. This is a period once a week in which I am available to meet students. It doesn't matter if the students are available to meet me, I just have to be available to meet them.

I don't like this at all. I'm only employed 50% of my time at the university, and setting aside an hour for being in my office is very inconvenient. I basically have to give up on the entire morning if I have to come in especially for it. In the olde dayes, when students wanted to meet lecturers they just negotiated a mutually-convenient time. Not any more.

Well, perhaps not, anyway. I've made my office hour be 9am on Monday. No student is alive at that time, so even if a meeting is timetabled they'll get in touch to say they can't make it; then, we can negotiate a mutually-convenient time like we always used to do.

Hmm, actually I have some advisees from Eastern Europe for whom 9am is possibly credible. Maybe I'll have to go for 4pm on Friday afternoon instead.

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