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10:14am on Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014:

Old Presentation


In the days before Powerpoint, people used to give presentations using transparencies on an overhead projector. While tidying up my stuff, I found a few sets of transparencies for talks I gave back then. This is one from early 1996 at a guess (I used it as the basis for another talk later that year).

These aren't the slides themselves, they're the paper copies I made. That's because they include my handwritten notes (that didn't appear on the screen). I stopped making such notes shortly after — indeed, this may be the last time I did make them — as I found I didn't really need them. Also, as you may have noticed, my handwriting is sufficiently awful that I wasn't always able to decipher it anyway.

The audience found it hard to believe when I suggested that Ultima Online (which, like Meridian 59, hadn't been released yet) would be extremely profitable. One questioner asked if I thought it might get 4,000 players and was alarmed when I said 40,000 or even 60,000 were underestimates. How times change...

Here you go, anyway:

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