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10:07am on Tuesday, 30th July, 2013:

Train Lengths


The longest passenger train in Britain is the 20-carriage Eurostar. It's pulled by multiple units (that is, an engine at the front and a distributed power unit half-way along). Australia and the USA both have trains with up to 49 carriages (including some for transporting cars) and also use multiple units including two engines at the front (double-heading).

Freight trains can be much longer as they don't have to stop at stations so aren't limited by platform length; engine power and braking strength are the important factors. An Australian iron ore train operated by BHP Billiton has 336 wagons and is pulled by 6 to 8 units; it's over 3km long. Some general cargo trains in Canada are 4,200m in length, using distributed power units.

I'm not a train buff. I just took those figures from the Wikipedia article. The reason I mention it is that the train in The Secret World's Last Train to Cairo quest is 75 carriages long and has only one engine.

I guess magic is somehow involved...

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