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9:22am on Friday, 29th November, 2013:



I don't play golf myself. My main preoccupation with it is whether I should write its name as "golf" like everyone else does or as "Golf" like I do with other games.

That said, it does occasionally impinge on my life. When I go to the train station in Colchester, I drive past a golf club (by which I mean an association for golfers, rather than a tool for striking a golf ball). When I'm on the train, I go past another. An advertisement for the latter was in among the bunch of fliers I was reduced to reading at breakfast this morning as I didn't have anything else within reach to read.

So, previously I felt confident that golf was a snobbish, expensive sport, but in the light of this new information I'm coming to believe that there are two ends to the market:

They seem to be expecting that people will think, "Hmm, normally I wouldn't be tempted into paying £6 to use a stick to hit a ball into a hole, minus the hole, fifty times, but that sandwich has sold the idea to me". I can imagine the queues forming right now. I particularly like the way that the burger is flagged as being delicious but the pizza and sandwich aren't; it suggests that laws against false advertising may be casting their shadow over the text.

They spelled "buggies" as "buggy's" in offer 3 on the other side of the paper, too.

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