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11:23am on Saturday, 29th June, 2013:



I'm sitting at the departure gate in Prague airport ready to fly home (well, to Gatwick).

The route to the airport from the centre of Prague seems to involve almost no roads that aren't just regular streets with houses on them and cars parked outside. I'm sure the driver could have taken a more direct route, but perhaps not: we'd paid up front for the journey, so it was in his best interests to make it as short as possible. Oh well.

Getting through the airport to this point involved standing in several queues: one for the EasyJet bag drop (several planes worth of passengers, one bag drop operator) then going off to a separate desk to pay the fee (which I hadn't paid when I booked the flights as I didn't know how many bags we'd have), then returning to swap my receipt for my boarding card. Next we had to get through passport control, in which a system operated whereby all other lines moved faster than the one we were in. We were there for quite some time as visas were thoroughly checked and every page of each passport scrutinised for abnormalities.

The final queue was for security, which was actually at the gate. By this time we were getting worried, because the boarding pass said the gate cloased at 12:15 and it was 12:05. For this reason, we didn't visit any shops or anything to stock up on grub to eat on the flight.

Czech inefficiency slowed us down getting here, but fortunately British inefficiency has come to the rescue. Our plane is only now pulling up to disgorge passengers from the previous flight.

Now to queue to get onto the plane so we have a fighting chance of stowing our luggage close to where we'll be sitting.

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