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10:55am on Monday, 28th October, 2013:

In a Teacup


This morning we were braced for the storm that was sweeping across southern England. The TV, radio and Internet were warning us of 80mph winds and torrential rains. All train services were cancelled because of the impending meteorological savagery.

When I said "braced for" there, of course what I actually meant was "really looking forward to".

It turned out to be a great disappointment. I took some photos of trees blowing a bit in the build-up, in the hope that I could do a before and after comparison showing how the gales had stripped them of leaves. However, what I thought was the build-up was the main event. Our trees are still laden with leaves, indeed the winds didn't even dislodge the pears off our pear trees. After all the advance publicity, it was a big let-down. I shall certainly be complaining to who's in charge of the weather, once I find out their name.

That said, if something similar could be arranged to keep the trick-or-treaters from our door on Hallowe'en, that would be appreciated.

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