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3:08pm on Wednesday, 28th August, 2013:



I found this picture earlier today.

When I go to games conventions (which isn't as often as it used to be), I see bored artists sitting around with signs up saying basically "will draw for food". Sometimes, I'll pay them something to draw a picture. This is one such picture:

As for what it is, well my specification was: "Picture: to the left, a cage full of frightened fairies; to the right, a pile of dead fairies; in between, a wizard throttling a fairy, a wicked grin coming over his face. Caption: Scientifically, Mordon determines the exact point at which Lawful Neutral becomes Lawful Evil."

It's a better drawing than I could do, but I don't think it quite captures the essence of the caption...

Time to recycle it, I think.

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