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3:34pm on Sunday, 28th July, 2013:



We went to Colchester this afternoon and were stopped in the car park by a couple who were lost. They wanted to get to the castle but had no idea where it was relative to where they were parked. My phone couldn't pick up a signal inside the car park and when I got outside I couldn't read the screen because the sun was too bright, so we couldn't use technology: we had to tell the the route.

So, here are a set of maps. The top left has A (the car park) and B (the castle). Three possible routes are shown.

The top right route involves walking through the pedestrian shopping centre, which is quite pleasant but involves lots of turns and some roads so obscure they don't even show up on the map at this scale.

The bottom right route is slightly longer but has simple directions: "follow this road to the end then turn left and follow that road to the end".

The bottom left route is the most direct but hard to describe and it involves walking across the ugly car park they should have parked in so doesn't show off Colchester at its best.

One of these routes is mine, one of them is my wife's and one of them is the one we actually went with. Which do you think is which?

Answer tomorrow...

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