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4:43pm on Thursday, 27th June, 2013:



Here's a picture of the Charles Bridge in Prague that I took on the day we arrived:

See that wooded hill in the background? There's a big tower on it over to the right. You can go up that tower. Having had to retire hors de combat from going up the Cathedral tower, I wanted to go up that tower. It's got panoramic views of the whole of Prague from there.

This afternoon, we took the cablecar to the top of the hill. We went to the tower. It has 300 steps and no lift.

I had been rather hoping for a lift. No-one else int he family wanted to climb up 300 steps, preferring instead to visit the Mirror Maze. We only had a 90-minute ticket for the cablecar (transportation tickets are valid for time periods rather than for journey distance in Prague) so I didn't get up the tower. Still, I was on top of the hill, right? There were still greaqt views of Prague, right?

If only! As I mentioned, the hill is wooded. There are trees completely obscuring all views of the city. It's as if they were planted on purpose to force people who wanted a view to buy a tower ticket and climb at least 100 of its steps. Sometimes, there was a tall wall in the way before you even got to the trees.

Eventually, we did get to see a decent panorama of Prague, but only by going some way down the hill to a cablecar stop:

When I have a jetpack, I shall be returning to Prague to get a proper view from the top of that hill...

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