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2:58pm on Saturday, 26th October, 2013:

Book Fair


I went to Colchester's annual NSPCC Book Fair today. Normally I go on a Sunday, which is pretty busy; I was expecting it to be even busier on a Saturday, but it was actually possible to move around without having to accompany every step with the words "excuse me".

They didn't have many historical (that is, old) books this year, which was a disappointment. I was mildly alarmed to see a copy of Webster's Third International Dictionary for sale, as I'd spent 20 minutes this morning trying to remember a famously ungrammatical word it included ("irregardless"), but that's how coincidence works.

In the end I bought two books: Who's Who in Tudor England, which I'll give to my mum as she's not allowed near the Internet in case she breaks it; Encyclopoedia of Sports, Games and Pastimes, which I got for myself.

The Encyclopoedia dates from the mid-1930s, and although it does concern sports, games and pastimes it also has articles on rather weirder subjects. There are two pages on bandaging, for example. Having thumbed through it just now, though, I thought I ought to share this advice concerning the sport (I guess) of motoring:

Hopefully, by publicising this I'll have saved a few lives.

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