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9:06pm on Wednesday, 26th June, 2013:

Black Light


We went to the Black Light Theatre of Prague this evening, to watch a performance of Faust. The BLTOP's speciality is clever use of lighting and people wearing black, velvet suits to create the illusion that things are moving around and that people are flying and so on. It's quite a small (physically) threatre — here, take a look:

It was pretty good. I spent the first quarter believing that the person all in red was Faust but it turned out to be Mephistopholes. The second quarter worked well and went as expected. The third quarter was a bizarre series of set pieces that would make no sense to any culture in the world except possibly that of Japan; the fourth quarter saw Faust get his just deserts but be rescued by the pretty girl. The timing of the guy playing Mephistopholes was impeccable, probably because he's done it every night and twice on Sundays for the past 25 years.

In the third section, one of the dances was Indian in flavour and the not-quite-as-pretty girl who was performing it did this thing where she stood in the middle of the stage and moved her arms while three people behind her in velvet suits and white gloves did the same thing, synchronised with here. It looked as if she had eight arms. When we left the theatre, one of the other audience members was standing near a photo of this set piece, pulling the pose. She was with a pair of boys, who were both lining up to take a picture. Normally I'd be polite and wait before walking into shot, but given the subject matter I snuck up behind her and gave her an extra pair of arms, just lojng enough for the boys to snap me, then I carried on walking. She had no idea what the bous were laughing at, but they found it a hoot.

I am so going to regret this incidence of photo-bombing if it goes viral on the Internet...

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