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1:47pm on Friday, 22nd November, 2013:

CDT Essex


Essex University, along with partners Goldsmith's and York, has been awarded a Centre for Doctoral Training in the area of Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence (IGGI). What this means is that over the next few years 55 PhD students will be trained by the CDT, roughly a third of them at Essex. I was one of the people involved in the pitch, and as a result have to spend 5% of my time on CDT work. However, because I'm part-time, 100% of my time for university business is 20 hours a week so 5% is one hour a week. Basically, that means I'll probably have a PhD student to supervise. Yay!

Oh, the picture above was what I suggested the university use on their home page to illustrate the award. They were worried about copyright though (sigh) so instead went with a picture of the other games professor we have, the photogenic Simon Lucas, with some students. Still, it beats their first idea (which was a screenshot from the 1083 movie War Games...).

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