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1:00pm on Thursday, 22nd August, 2013:

Excess Insurance


I'm driving up to Yorkshire this weekend, so I thought I'd see about getting my car insurance temporarily extended so my younger daughter can drive the car too. I'd only need cover for a day, but these things tend to work in weeks. Last year, when she was a learner, I got 4 weeks of cover for her over the summer, which came to a couple of hundred quid or thereabouts. This time she's passed her test so should be less expensive to insure, right?

I contacted the AA's insurance services, as they have a number of insurers on their books. I spent a few minutes giving the details, they ran it through their systems, and the result was that no insurance company would give temporary cover for any period for her. One company would insure her for the whole year, but that would cost £10,000.

When we renewed our insurance a couple of months ago, the insurance quoted to have her on our car was £7,000. Since then, she's found herself a summer job covering for people on holiday in a pharmacy. This apparently accounts for the extra £3,000, which is about 10 times what she's likely to be paid for working a few days now and again.

Great. You learn to drive in your teens, then you can't drive until you're 25 because you can't get insurance.

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