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3:00pm on Thursday, 20th June, 2013:



Lunch is now over and the afternoon session of the conference is about to start (it's 3:30, but hey, this is Spain).

My talk was first, as I was keynoting, and it went reasonably well under the circumstances ("the circumstances" being that I had previously sent the organisers a .pdf version of the talk to make sure it was suitable, which they had thought was the actual version, but since then I'd had to cut it down as it was too long and had a PowerPoint file I was intending to use which worked fine except they hadn't installed the fonts and when they did it locked up their computer and when they rebooted it two of the three images in the presentation didn't load and several pages were too long to fit on the screen). Anyway. apart from that and the live Twitter feed on the screen criticising my every word, I managed to get across my main point. I'll upload my slides and stuff when I get back in a couple of weeks' time. There's free wireless here, but it belongs to the public square outside so is rather slow...

Because I was speaking first, I got into the venue (a rather impressive cinema) early so as to set up. As a result, I didn't get a set of translation headphones. This meant that I had a hard time with the next three talks, which were in Spanish. Amazingly, I actually understood about a third of the content based on what I apparently retained from Spanish lessons at school. However, I did have some difficulty keeping awake, especially during the questions at the end of each talk. As I was in the front row, this was undoubtedly noticed by the speakers (as one of them mentioned to me — sigh).

I'm now sitting half-way back in the hall, so can nod off here safely. Then again, I also have some translation headphones (paid for by getting my passport folded in half — no, that isn't a joke) so probably won't be falling asleep now anyway as my brain has no need to shut down to process alien sounds.

I have no idea what this current talk is about.

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