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6:24pm on Tuesday, 19th February, 2013:

Flying Notes


In my CE217 class today, I got the students to write a "60 seconds of gameplay" for the game Frogger (which I had made them all play back in October). I took them in and went through each one saying what was good or bad about it. This was so they would know what to expect when I thereupon told them to write a 60SoG for a game of their own choosing without telling anyone what they had chosen.

I needed to collect these in a random order. Normally, I would walk around and collect them by hand then throw the whole lot in the air and pick it up wherever it landed. However, as I had given them each a sheet of paper from an old pad (35 or so years old — I found it in my D&D box) I knew they were all in possession of a loose sheet the same size as everyone else's. I therefore instructed them to make it into a paper aeroplane and throw it at the projector screen. I showed them the seven folds necessary to make, and a good 80% of them were able to do it. Then, together, they threw the results at the screen to much cheering.

If I'd been able to hand out Student Assessment of Courses forms immediately after that, I'd have got maximum marks.

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