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6:21am on Wednesday, 18th December, 2013:



Yesterday evening, I went to Jaffa where the i24 TV station is based and was interviewed for their Internet program, The Tube. I've never heard of i24, but apparently it's the Israeli equivalent of Al-Jazeira, broadcasting in Hebrew, English and French (because the owner is French). It was supposed to be a live interview, but there were problems with the feed so they recorded it.

It went pretty well. The presenter isn't a gamer (he couldn't identify the other interviewee's Space Invaders tattoo), but unlike many interviewers he listened to the answers to his questions and followed them up with related questions rather than just reading the next one off the autocue. I rambled a little, but not too much. It went reasonably well. Then, we ran out of time and had to stop.

Afterwards, I went to a meet-and-greet dinner where everyone was moved around between courses so you got to sit with other people. It was something of a success, mainly because Israelis seem to walk everywhere with their pockets stuffed with business cards, so this was like paradise for them.

I got home at midnight. That was when I discovered that I hadn't got all the make-up off that they'd put on in the TV studio. I'd spent the whole dinner with am inch-diameter patch of whatever that skin-colour stuff is called, clearly visible where my nose stops between my eyes.

Oh well, I don't think I had any credibility to lose anyway.

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