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2:17pm on Monday, 18th November, 2013:



I'm marking CE317 assignments today, as I have to get them all marked within 2 weeks even though I'm part time so shouldn't have to be spending non-university days doing this stuff.

I'm going with the same approach I did last year of recording my comments using voice, rather than typing them. The students seem to prefer this, I guess because the criticisms sound more constructive when they're spoken. However, as I'm getting over a bad cough my voice is not exactly at its best, and speaking non-stop for hours on end takes its toll, too.

So far, I've marked 8 assignments and have only had to restart one when it turned out that I'd missed the pause button at some point and was recording my silences and not recording my voice. I only noticed when I coughed loudly and caught a blaze of red out of the corner of my eye as the window in Audacity showed the audio level. I hope I haven't recorded myself coughing and not noticed, I think I damaged my hearing when I played that one back.

I think I'll give my voice a rest for a bit, anyway; I have a phone call in 15 minutes...

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