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4:58pm on Wednesday, 18th September, 2013:

Games Talk


I gave a keynote presentation today at a locally-hosted conference for postgraduates studying for PhDs. It was advertised to members of staff with the line "They have attracted two strong keynotes from Cisco and Ofcom, which may provide useful connection points." I guess that means my keynote wasn't considered a strong one, then...

The reason I was invited to speak was because it was a broad-spectrum conference for computer scientists and electronic engineers. What do techy people like that have in common? That's right: they play a lot of games. As resident games legend (official), I was invited to speak. I like small-scale conferences as they're more informal, so I accepted.

The talk went surprisingly well. We started late but I finished bang on time, then spent the next 30 minutes answering questions. I was trying vaguely to be inspiring, given that I know how much of a slog a PhD can be, and they did indeed seem to buy my argument: what you're doing now will not be cutting edge in 35 years, but what's cutting edge in 35 years won't be cutting edge unless you do what you're doing today.

The slides (in PDF format) are here if you're interested. Well, they're there whether you're interested or not, actually. Probably not as good as the Cisco and Ofcom ones, though...

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