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6:27pm on Monday, 18th March, 2013:

Project Day


It was Project Day for Essex University's School of Computer Science and Electronic Engingeering today, that time of year when every student demonstrates how far their skills fell short of their ambitions. They create A2-sized posters for this, and I had to mark 11 of them. It's just as well I do only have to mark the posters, because 3 of them didn't have any working code to demonstrate.

The rest did, though, and one in particular is worth mentioning. Remember the Javascript puzzle game Fusion I wrote back in 2010 and put on my blog? Well, he rewrote it in Java and ported it to the Android. I don't suppose he'll sell many copies, given that he renamed it Fruit Rampage, but if you want to try it out the free version is here.

Of the other students, it turns out that the quickest way to solve a Sudoku is using a brute-force method and that if you want to simulate an ant's nest there are multiple contradictory theories as to how an ant finds its way back to its nest so you can choose whichever is easiest to code.

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