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1:58pm on Saturday, 17th August, 2013:

Tracking Progress


My old lawnmower used to leave a good finish to the lawn as it had a large roller at the back. My new one doesn't leave such a good finish as it doesn't have the roller. Worse, because it has wheels, if it goes over the edge of the lawn then the blades catch the soil and make a nasty mess.

The reason my new mower doesn't have a roller is because it has some kind of grass atomiser functionality that means it doesn't need a collection bag attached if the grass it's cutting isn't all that long. The atomiser requires a big space at the back for the atomised grass to be expelled through. If it had a roller, this space would be too high up and not big enough. Consequently, it has wheels.

Of course, it could have a roller if the roller had only a small diameter so it coul pass under the hole. That would stop it from falling off the lawn if a wheel went over the edge, but it wouldn't give much of a finish.

Idea! Instead of a roller, use a track. You'd have two rollers with a track across them like a short conveyor belt. You could drive them through a larger wheel mounted on the side above them, its rim in contact with extensions of their axles. The drive would have to be geared differently, but it should leave a better finish on the lawn. So long as the track segments were arranged with flanges so as not to bung up on grass, it ought to work.

I should be a patent troll.

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