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5:40pm on Wednesday, 17th July, 2013:

Beep ... Beep


Someone 3 or 4 houses away from us is getting some work done to their driveway or something. Whatever, it involves the participation of lots of large flagstones. To move these around requires a machine, specifically a fork-lift buggy (that's what it looks like: a beach buggy with a forklift attachment to the front).

When this vehicle reverses, it emits a beep ... beep ... beep. Presumably, this is because the person driving it can't be expected to turn round and look to see if there's anyone behind.

The vehicle reverses incessantly. It reverses for hours. Reversing seems to be its default mode of operation. All the time, we get this beeping. Augh! It's driving me nuts! It's just as well that we have strict gun control laws in the UK, because otherwise driving one of those forklift buggies would be the most dangerous job in the country.

I installed a new uninterruptible power supply last night. If the power to my PC cuts out, I'll know because I'll hear a beep ... beep ... beep.

Let's hope the power doesn't cut out...

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