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5:51pm on Thursday, 17th January, 2013:

Protected Image


In November, I mentioned a Victorian photograph of Edwardian actress Maude Fealy I'd come across that had been colourised to look like how the Edwardians colourised photos. After further research, it turned out that it looked like that because the Edwardians had actually colourised it.

A side effect of this research was that I had an idea for using a photo of Maude Fealy as the cover of the Lizzie Lott book I was writing at the time. Rather than risk getting sued for using an image off the Internet with a watermark embedded or something, I bought some originals off eBay for about £1. Here they are:

They're cards that originally came in packets of Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes, along with the usual cancer-causing contents.

Later, I won a mini photo-frame in a Christmas cracker. It's an exact fit for the cigarette cards. I was tempted to put one of the cards in it, but two things stopped me:
1) The photos arrived together sealed in a special plastic wallet. I can't get them out without cutting them out. Then, I won't be able to put them back without their falling out.
2) I wouldn't want to risk that my wife might take affront to my having a framed photo of another woman, even if she did die in 1971.

Mind you, if the photo frame had been circular I would probably not only have cut open the wallet but cut the card into a circle so as to fit it, as I actually want a circular image for the cover for my book.

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