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1:12pm on Monday, 16th September, 2013:



My attempts to find out why my Vodafone bill came to more than it usually does have come to nothing.

The email tells me to check my account on the Vodafone website. The Vodafone website wants to know my account number. I don't know my account number, but says that if I text 97886 it'll tell me. I text 97886 and it tells me to text back my postcode. I text back my postcode and it tells me I'm not elibible to upgrade my account online and I should check the web site.

That was when I used Chrome as my browser. When I used Firefox, it threw an interrupt saying that a script file was taking too long to run and did I want to continue. Whatever I replied, it then reset the web page and froze.

The reason I don't know my acount number is because it appears on my bill, but I opted for electronic bills to save paper. My bill is available if I log onto the Vodafone web site. In other words, if I knew what my account number was, I could find out what my account number is.

I may have to go into a Vodafone shop and berate someone about it.

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