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6:08pm on Saturday, 16th March, 2013:



I'm snowed under for the next three weeks, marking assignments. I got the CE317 ones yesterday and get the CE217 ones on Friday. The CE317 ones take me an hour or more each to mark, and there are so many that I won't have finished them by the time I get the CE217 ones. What's particularly annoying is that I can usually tell within 5 minutes what the final mark is going to be; so far, I've marked 10 of them and have only guessed wrong once. However, because of that once, I have to mark them all.

I also have to make comments, which is known as "Feedback". The Department prizes Feedback above everything other than Timeliness. Students fill in forms assessing courses that weigh heavily on Feedback, therefore you have to give them Feedback. What's apparently not a factor is what the Feedback says — there just has to be as much of it as possible. This is unfortunate, because the more Feedback you give, the more negative it tends to be. I give a great deal of Feedback to my students, which is why it takes so long to mark their assignments; I'm sure they end up loathing me as a result, and that my Feedback assessment suffers. If I just rattled off a few anodyne lines instead of trying to teach through marking, they'd rate me better.

Oh well, at least I have the joy of reading their wondrous ways with words. Highlights so far include "he defeated two worriers", "they put the man into a penetration", "the balloon bombed in the air gently" and "he got pulled by the guardian trapping him behind".

I also get criticised for quoting (anonymously) from assignments, but if they're going to give me lousy assessment anyway...

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