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3:37pm on Saturday, 16th February, 2013:

Bay Herald


I was up in the attic yesterday looking for character sheets from when I played D&D. Needless to say, I didn't find any of my own. This isn't surprising as I only played two campaigns as an adventurer: one of them ended when the dungeonmaster got bored and killed us all off by dropping us in Hell; the other ended naturally when we exhausted the dungeon, but characters weren't regarded as portable between campaigns back then so we didn't keep them.

I did, however, find my own D&D campaign, that I ran for some of my friends over the summer of 1982. These were the days when we would play without bothering to go to sleep, so sessions could last 40 hours. I had enough time back then not only to create the worlds, but to supplement them on the fly. One example of this was the Bay Herald, the newspaper for the town of Bay (or, in the ancient tongue, Bai) which was the players' base. Here's an example of the first page:

It had 6 pages in total. Here's the full list if you're interested:
Page 1.
Page 2.
Page 3.
Page 4.
Page 5.
Page 6.

I wish I had the time to do this kind of thing nowadays.

Ah, happy memories...

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