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3:50pm on Monday, 15th July, 2013:

After the Event


The end of the one-week-oops-two-now event in The Secret World came today. The last event boss was killed at 2:10pm (at the Blue Mountain — I was there) and at 2:15pm the last boss being killed despawned mid-fight (at Kingsmouth — I was there). In the two weeks the event took place, I killed 224 event bosses between my main and my alt, so have now run out of builds to spend my ability points on. Each of the bosses dropped a pet (at random), but I didn't get the one for my main until the event had finished: I opted to trade a goodie-bag that could have contained 4 black bullion with someone who needed the pet it might hold, in exchange for a bag that could have contained only 2 black bullion but might have had the pet I needed in it. I was lucky: it did. If only I actually liked pets...

The success of the event from the players' point of view may not have been shared by Funcom, who saw far more ability points given away than I expect they had planned for, but they took it on the chin and gave a halo to the characters of each of the players who organised the anniversity channel; rather a nice touch, I thought.

The most predictable behaviour came in defeating the boss in the PvP zone. Some people just slaughtered everyone they saw on the opposing side, knowing that almost none of them were geared for PvP because they all were only there to kill the boss. Others taunted the boss off whoever was tanking it and led it away from the bulk of players, sometimes into stupid places such as underground. Collision detection not being Funcom's strong point, this meant that you could see the boss's head and the occasional limb bob up at ground level, then it would disappear. Another trick players did was take over the bases of the opposing teams so that when they were assassinated they respawned far away. Oh, I should also mention that the death of every character in the PvP zone during the fight healed the boss/ All this meant that a boss it should have taken 150 co-operating people 10 minutes to down took 140 co-operating people plus 10 unco-operating people 45 minutes.

Ah, griefers.

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