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1:13pm on Sunday, 14th April, 2013:



The news in today's Sunday papers is that Margaret Thatcher is still dead.

I expect we'll get big coverage of the funeral and the protests, but that should see the end of the story. I'm not sure what these protestors are protesting about, as it's not really feasible to unfight the Falklands War, reopen the pits, underegulate the City of London and arrange a different UK's first female Prime Minister, however "the cost of the funeral" seems to be the flag around which they're rallying (as if you could have a funeral that other countries' heads of state want to attend and not have it cost several million quid).

So it looks as if there'll be another half a week of this kind of coverage. However, I do consider that it's probably now safe for any other ageing celebrities who are considering dying to go ahead and do so. The British media must have been holding its collective breath hoping that nothing unfortunate would happen to the Duke of Edinburgh or Nelson Mandela or they wouldn't have known what to headline.

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