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8:18pm on Wednesday, 13th March, 2013:

Nor for Prophet


After successfully nailing the name of the previous pope in his prophecy, Saint Malachy has not come through this time. He has a get-out clause, in that there is room for an indefinite number of popes between Benedict and the final pope, "Peter the Roman", but still, it would have been more satisfactory if we'd got Peter the Roman straight away and not had to wait.

The "Roman" part was actually shaping up nicely. Newspapers were already dividing the papal front-runners into "Romans" (ie. establishment types) and "Barbarians" (ie. modernisers). Jorge Bergoglio is definitely one of the former, but then he blew it by choosing the name Francis instead of Peter. We're reduced to having to use metaphor. The original prophecy said "Petrus Romanus", so unless people suddenly start calling him the Roman Rock, the prophecy isn't going to apply to him.

Sorry, Saint Malachy, but that's what happens when you follow supernatural beliefs.

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