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11:02am on Thursday, 12th September, 2013:



I had an appointment with the eye clinic at Colchester General Hospital today. I went in with the expectation that the surgeon would remove the cyst (well, cysts, as there are two of them) on my left eyelid. Last time I had such an appointment, for a cyst on my right eyelid, I went in expecting a preliminary examination but the guy just took the cyst out there and then.

This time, the guy just did the preliminary examination. He said that there was a varoable prognosis for cysts and I should use some antibiotic eye ointment to see if that would get rid of them. I didn't tell him that it was using antibiotic eye ointment for the first cyst that clogged up my tear duct and caused the second cyst. He's booked me in for surgery in 6-8 weeks, by which I suppose he means 8 weeks.

They did give me this handy guide, Preparation for cleaning eyelids:

I was with them until the last line.

I wonder if they have a separate one for mascara-wearers?

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