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8:20pm on Tuesday, 12th March, 2013:



On 10th June, 1996 I played my 9th game of Civilization II at King level on a large, random map as the English. I scored 4773 points, or 381%. It wasn't difficult, but it was grindingly slow.I conquered the planet while I had a spaceship up in space, so could have scored more if I'd waited. There was a really long, windy continent snaking around the globe, but luckily not everyone else was friendly to one another as I started off on a smallish continent and expanded in the south before I met any real opponents.

I used to write After Action Reports for myself for games. I have 111 for Civ1, 128 for vanilla Civ2, 93 for vanilla Civ3Civ4 (I don't know what happened to the rest).

Hmm. I think I may not actually have any use for them.

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